757 Lincoln, Door 19
San Rafael, CA
Tue. - Fri. 10-6, Sat. 9-5

  • There are strange things done in
    the midnight sun
  • By the men who drag their knee.
  • The Baja trails have their secret tales
  • Of the guys in black and green.
  • Daytona's track always brings 'em back,
  • But the coolest thing you'll see...
Top Shelf Motorcycles
  • Is the big surprise that will greet your eyes when you go inside DOOR 19!
  • The Shop

    Hang with the crew at Top Shelf Motorcycles at their new 3,500 square foot shop in San Rafael, California.  As you might expect, this is no ordinary motorcycle shop: MORE...

  • The Tours

    In 2004, Top Shelf Motorcycle Tours launched their premier over-the-top motorcycle tour package which is truly a fantasy-come-true for serious motorcycle riders. MORE...

  • The Team

    At Top Shelf Motorcycles, we are all Northern California natives who have lived here for most of our lives.  We are adventurous people who thrive on the great outdoors and love to have a good time. MORE...