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Jump On and Go!

Ever dream of blending your favorite sports products together to create a whole new way to ride? Diggler did.

Diggler owner and inventor, Rob Fruechtenicht took his childhood dream of blending bikes and boards together to create a new downhill mountain sport, and made that dream a reality.

Diggler Scooters are found on trails, in mountain bike races, in resort country, among families, the environmentally conscientious, dog owners, and dog sledders. They are the perfect compliment to motorcycles!

Diggler’s patented Original Mountain Scooters combine BMX wheels, mountain bike shocks & brakes, a large skateboard platform, and skid plate on the bottom for sliding and grinding on rocks and logs.

The Original Mountain Scooter is designed to tackle terrain like a mountain bike and carve turns like a board or a ski. Whether you want to ride the wide, open roads, or take on technical single-track trails, our family of Digglers is always right at home. The low center of gravity and long wheelbase make Digglers incredibly stable at varying speeds and able to carve wicked turns.

Want to jump, pump, and carve your way down technical trails without a care in the world? Use the skid plate as part of the ride. Slide right over rocks and tree roots, pick a new line, and go. With the riders weight below the axle line, going over the handlebars is almost a thing of the past.

DIGGLERS can tackle ANY terrain, they are really easy to ride, and riders have even entered and WON downhill mountain bike races.

Top Shelf Motorcycles are proud to carry the full line of Diggler Scooters. Just another reason to drop by and check out what's behind Door #19!